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Meeting Minutes

  Minutes for NW Georgia Metro SVTOA Meeting

  The meeting was held at the facilities of Commercial Coatings Corporation.
  Thanks Dave!

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Toby.
There were 5 members in attendance. Since the club secretary was not in attendance, Ken Burt was installed as the temporary club secretary to take the minutes of the meeting.
A motion to dispense of the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was raised by Ken Burt and seconded, since we didn't have minutes. A general discussion was held regarding private track time at Road Atlanta as an SVTOA event. Cost is believed to be approximately $200 per day. Dave Paul will lead the effort to get further, more reliable information. Toby brought up the issue of membership, and a spirited general discussion
followed. Points of interest of that discussion were:

                 1) Business cards, and the lack of members generated by them.
                        A subpoint of the above is the relationship of the phone number on the
                        cards. Is our secretary still planning on being active in the club and
                        what are the plans for the phone number?
                   2) National SVTOA and issues surrounding their start-up pains.
                   3) Club activities, and what we can do to increase club interest.

It was decided to plan club activities as follows: Exact dates are open and members are encouraged to give us feedback on the best times/dates for their participation.

Activities that have dates are not subject to change.

              A general discussion was held to clarify some areas of the activity schedule
    and the meeting was adjourned.

NWGaSVTOA is sponsored exclusively by Parkway Ford, North Georgia's Premiereperformance Ford Dealer