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a couple of quick WindowsMedia .mpg movies

 2x 6000 + 1x 5500 RPM...................from the inside

  low-speed fly-by (100 MPH)

 click here for a few new pics................

2001 Cobra Coupe #1436
Mineral Gray Clearcoat with Dark Charcoal Interior (1 of 514 )
Date of Vehicle Assembly: June 06, 2001
Date of Owner Purchase: July 04, 2001
Selling Dealer: Jim Tidwell's World Ford ~ Kennesaw, Ga.




272 rwhp (6000 rpm) - 270 ft/lbs torque ~ factory specs @ rear wheel*
*- numbers shown assume 15% drivetrain loss on 320 flywheel hp & 317 ft/lbs torque per SAE std. specs.

MAY 4th,2002

Numbers shown below were recorded in mostly overcast conditions, 70 degrees, 81% relative humidity, barometric pressure 29.90
Pulls performed on DynoJet at Team Ford ~ Marietta, GA by Aric Carrion

299.0 rwhp (5000 rpm) - 305.1 ft/lbs torque (4700 rpm) ~ actual measured specs

Pull baseline #'s were made with the following mods:
C&L 80mm Mass Air
DiabloSport 4 bank chip
Steeda Underdrive pulleys
K&N Filter

(thru absolutely 100% bone-stock factory exhaust system.)


  current list of modifications:

  • C&L 80mm Mass Air System w/ K&N filter
  • Steeda Underdrive pullies
  • Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
  • DiabloSport (4bank) performance chip
  • Ford Motorsport aluminum driveshaft
  • Ford Collection Black Cobra logo seat covers
  • Scott Winger stainless steel COBRA rear bumper insert letters
  • Cobra OEM logo floor mats
  • Cobra Grille Insert
  • air silencer assembly removed



    Service History

    Date of Service
    Work performed by: Nature of Work Odometer mileage reading
    July 13, 2001 Valvoline
    Cobb Parkway
    Kennesaw, Georgia
    initial oil & filter change performed
      (total drain with clean quart poured through empty block)
    August 29, 2001 Valvoline
    Cobb Parkway
    Kennesaw, Georgia
    second oil & filter change 3500
    December 27, 2001 Valvoline
    Cobb Parkway
    Kennesaw, Georgia
    third  oil & filter change 6500
    February 27, 2002
    Parkway Ford
    Adairsville, Georgia
    DiabloSport chip 
    March 13, 2002
    Parkway Ford
    Adairsville, Georgia
    C&L 80mm Mass Air System
    Steeda Underdrive pullies
    Steeda TriAx Shifter
    May 03, 2001
    Blackmon Racing
    Kennesaw, GA
    4th oil & filter change
    (Motorcraft 5w20 Synthetic Blend Oil &  820-S filter)
    July 03, 2002
    Team Ford
    Marietta, GA
    install new EEC-V, FMS aluminum driveshaft







    a decent shot of the Cobra mats


    Here are couple of pics of the "Ford Collection" Cobra seat covers..... these things are Cobra-specific and even have fitted cutouts for seat adjustment controls. A tad pricey ($120.00), but heavy-duty material & sewn Snakes.



    the rear bumper before letters.........


    and with the Scott Winger Stainless Steel bumper letters
    (these things look waaaaaaaaay cool)







    pic taken after SVTOA ride at "The Tail of the Dragon"
    Deal's Gap, N.C.- 318 turns in 11 miles !!
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    and one last pic of my darling wifey, who patiently tolerates all of the time & cash I sink into this stuff <lmao>
    Thanks Pet !!


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